I want to thank you for your willingness to accommodate our needs and budget. It is people like you, placing the prospective home owner before profit, that makes searching for a new home pleasant. To many agents, houses are a means to make their living and nothing more. These agents do not see past the dollar signs and into the lives of the families that will be living there, the memories that will be made, and the future generation that will be raised under that roof. You on the other hand have proven through action that you are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that your prospective clients are happy with their home and the financial commitment associated with it.       ~~Devin W.


I can’t thank Currahee enough for your incredibly fast and professional effort renovating my home.  I have been working on the home myself for 18 months already and would probably have worked on it 18 months more at the pace I was on.  In 2 months you finished it off in beautiful style, I got a full-price contract the day it hit the market, and I sold it for higher than any home in that neighborhood has ever sold to date.  Never in my wildest did I imagine any of that.  I’m so fortunate to have found you and to have entrusted my property to you.  Thanks so much!       ~~Bill C.


Working with Currahee Properties was like a breath of fresh air. They really went above and beyond to fully educate us on the process, link us up with all the expert members of their team when needed, and they handled everything from A-to-Z along the way. We were initially really intimidated by the enormity of all we had to contend with, but these Currahee guys took the time to make sure we were always well-informed so we could make timely decisions. We regret having ever done business with anyone else and we’re certainly not planning to again. We’ve got the utmost confidence in these guys and we fully recommend them to our friends and family and anyone else looking for a business conducted with values and integrity. ~~Cheryl & Ron L.